Folder Gluers

The ADI/PDM Folder-Gluers are the result of an accurate search for simple and rational solutions to difficult applications. From jumbo to small, wide to narrow, we have the solution. We work closley with our customers to help design a machine that will solve any problem and satisfy your needs. ADI/PDM takes pride in our ability to make special Folder-Gluers for almost any application. We install and maintain our own machinery. The Folder-Gluers come with a Counter/Ejector, Unit Load Former or Downstacker. The applications are too numerous to mention. With these special Folder-Gluers, we are continuing the machine intelligence and innovation to take folding and gluing technology to the next level.

This machine is a 50 x 110 In-Line Folder Gluer that sits behind a 50 x 110 Martin Flexo. This machine was installed at Kapstone Paper in Oakland, CA.

In-Line Folder Gluer
This machine was installed for Sainsbury Container in Austrailia.
Free Standing Folder Gluer
This machine was installed for Jellco Container in Anaheim, CA.

We offer several styles and options for our Folder/ Gluers

In-Line Folder Gluer Free Standing Folder Gluer
Free Standing Folder/Gluer Folding Carton Folder/Gluer
Tube Folder/Gluer One Pass, Two Piece Gluer
Special Application Folder/Gluer Five Panel Folder/Gluer
Hard Feed Gluers

Other Options

One Pass, Two Piece Gluer

Our "Onepass" semi-automatic Gluer with the unique "Open Frame" design feature allows us to offer this machine in modular units. It can initially be purchased as a single joint or one piece box gluer and later retrofitted as a dual joint or two piece gluer. At that point it would become three (3) machines in one. All functioning components can be operated independently. This includes the Infeed Lifts, Compression Transport Units, Glue Systems and Downstackers. With this versatility our Folder/Gluer can be used for:

Processing two piece boxes in one pass.
Processing one piece boxes.