Counter Ejectors

Our very popular Counter Ejectors are now offered in two models, understacking or top feed. The high speed Counter/Ejectors are a popular and practical way to upgrade the operation of any flexo Folder/Gluer. Each machine has a proven track record and a reputation throughout the industry for efficiency as well as reliability. Each high speed Counter/Ejector is custom manufactured to the exact specifications required for the intended application. Customer modification requests and options are easily accommodated to suit existing plant configurations. The Counter/Ejectors offer quick and easy setup with exact counts. We have sold more than 490 world wide.

This Top Feed Counter Ejector was installed for Alliance Packing at their Hillsboro, OR location. This machine is installed behind a 50 x 110 Cosmo Flexo.

The ADI/PDM Top Feed Counter Ejector is designed for high speed stacking while producing square boxes with an accurate bundle count. PLC and Servo controls are utilized for precise high speed operation. Operator interface is through a touch-screen display.

Mini Counter Ejectors

Our high speed mini counter ejector is designed to run boxes as small as 3 x 3 x 3 panels at speeds of 300+ kicks per minute. The mini is an ideal retrofit for your Simon 230, Mini Langston FFG, Mini Emba, and a variety of free standing folder-gluers.